perth was warm and we spent the short time i had there sleeping in, going to the beach late at night, taking pictures and filming. it was m’s birthday and i surprised him. the trip made me realise how much i’m going to miss him over the next few months- but i think the apartness will give us time to figure out who we are. learn to rely on ourselves rather than each other. it’s been interesting being on my own after a year of living with him.  after a year of (almost) married life. we’re so young. it’s nice to feel it again. i’m emotion hungry and it’s even nice to feel lonely and scared again. all of it makes you feel alive.

in other news, i won the artist’s wanted people’s choice award! i got a text from my agent yesterday morning and literally jumped out of bed and couldn’t stop smiling all day. so thankyou all, very very very much. obviously i couldn’t have done it without the amazing amount of support i have. i will keep blogging and taking pictures and i’ll never ever stop. soon i’ll be in new york city. i’ll be having an exhibition in manhattan and i wish all of you could come (if you can, you should!).

i’ve also been filming quite a bit. followed thomas and his band around the city singing covers in strange places. lucy in the sky with diamonds on the bus, hey ya in chinatown and heaven on the escalator. it was a lot of fun.

one is going up a week here. the filming is nothing special but i think these guys are. why did i have to make such good friends when i’m leaving so soon?

it’s not so bad, i’ve learnt to not tie myself to anyone or anything. things have become simpler. i don’t spend time thinking about what i don’t have or who isn’t here, but what i do have and who is here. pide time up into moments, into little boxes of life. and only think about what is in my current box. everything else falls away and i feel connected to everything.

i have to admit i like being a gypsy. i like being asked ‘where do you live?” and answering “everywhere”. but sometimes i miss having a home.

i guess i’m finding out what i want. it’s all there and i just have to choose. i know i’m going to be happy wherever life takes me. two weeks until i leave to L.A. life is going to be crazy.

lots of love

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  4. you are such an inspiration Nirrimi! so young yet so mature, i'm sure everything will fall into it's place and you will succeed in anything that you do. consider me one of your new biggest fans!

    i am looking forward to featuring you in one of my blog posts! will definitely credit you, i hope you don't mind?!

    Come by for a visit if you can,

    x Your Only Blackswan

  5. Congrats! I would love to be in NYC. My friend's going to NYU next year, I'm super jealous! 🙂 Have fun and take lots of photos!

  6. 🙂 Glad to hear it. U deserve it and we are extremely proud of u and wont stop rooting for you. Your talent is rare and You are an inspiration.

  7. that's so great! you deserve it. and i hope things work out with your boyfriend, changes can be strange and difficult but i think they usually work out for the better. i love the photo and saved it 🙂

  8. i love you like i love living (which i love so very much because you are a part of my life)

  9. I just discovered your blog and I think it's amazing!! Love it so much!

    xx fesi-fashion

  10. Great, you really deserve it!!!
    I wish you all the best for your next adventure: live your life, every single moment: carpe diem!
    Live your dreams and experiences as far as you can, because you're really lucky to have this possibility 🙂
    I wish I was like you when I was at your age (nor that I'm so old haha, just 24 :P)
    Kräm och puss

  11. I'm so glad for you! Really wish I was in New York and could watch more of your work, you're truly fantastic 🙂

  12. excuse can you make a biography about you?or do you have a formspring? because i would like to know more about you. you seem a great person
    i love your blog!!!!!!!

  13. congratulations!
    i vote for you :B, you really deserve it.
    you're such an inspirations for all the old people like me (i'm 21 years old XD)
    you rock girl!

  14. Your openness about everything – photography, friends, life even – is absolutely refreshing. I wish more people were as genuine as you are.

  15. Congratulations Nirimi! You deserve the award. I instantly fell in love with your photographs once I saw them. You can call it love at first sight.

  16. Oh Nirrimi, I m so so happy for you!! you definitly deliver the win of the competition! And there is no wonder that all your fans helped you (I m one of them). We know you are amazing, you are so special! Thank you for teaching me so many things about photography, thank you for inspiring me each time.

    Take care

  17. congrats!!
    When is the exhibition ??
    im going to ny in few weeks and it would be nice meet new people 🙂

  18. That's amazing news! Please tell us when your exhibition is, I would just love to come see it. it's so nice to hear what you've been up to, and it was VERY interesting to hear your voice on the video for papa vs pretty. Update always, your life is like a wonderful movie.

  19. Congratulations Nirrimi! I'm so proud of you and your achievement. Your work has moved and inspired many people, so thank you.

  20. congrats! amazing! im so glad you won! u really deserve it! Please do keep blogging and taking pictures for us to escape into. I wish i could come to the exhibition.. but i live in London, doh! good luck with it all! Han x

  21. when are you having your exhibition? i am moving to London next week and hoping to do a trip to NY at some point… do keep us in the loop

  22. please take lots and lots of pictures in manhattan. your work is brilliantly lit french window to another world.

  23. So when is your Exhibition!? I want to go. I knew you'd win it became quite obvious after awhile, but it's good to hear it's been confirmed!!

  24. That's wonderful, sounds like a fun time.

    But, if I remember right, didn't you say you'd give away free actions if you won the choice award? 😉

    Hope to see more of that soon. Good luck in everything.

  25. Nirrimi, I love this. Both how candid and honest you always are, and also the very candid imagery.
    Be always, always this. x

  26. i'm so glad that these awesome opportunities are hitting at you. you defintely deserve it. i cant wait to go to your exhibition in manhattan 😉 i hope you and matt find eachother and this being apart would make you stronger – cant wait to meet you. <33

  27. <3 i'm so glad nirrimi – i can't wait to see your name plastered over billboards and magazines because you truly an inspiration.

    lot's of love and good luck!

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