when you were only 2 months old we went on a roadtrip to queensland. we drove for two days and camped by a river at night. we set up camp in a big field in the middle of the afternoon. you were sleepy so we lay down, the sun so heavy on the tent it became an oven. we both napped bareskin against each other until papa came back with dinner.

night came and we only had one sleeping bag, so me and you snuggled up inside it and papa snuggled up to us. the night was so wintery cold that even in the sleeping bag we shivered, your poor papa’s teeth chattered. he pulled out clothing from the suitcase in the car and covered us in a nest of warmth. by 3am we were all still so cold so me and you sat in the car with the heater going and papa packed everything up. we were in toowoomba by noon.

we stayed with megan and your (second) cousins. they kissed you all over and never left you alone, but you loved it. you would even let sommer put you to sleep. your great-grandparents spoilt you. your nanny had sewn you a stuffed rabbit for easter and your great-granddad was always making silly faces at you. the night before easter your papa and i wrote out clues for a big easter hunt the next morning, we kept saying how great it would be when you were older and could join in.

we went camping on the beach with my favourite mama blogger georgia, and her lovely little family. we swam in a tidal pool, waves being thrown from the ocean against the wall of rocks behind us. i cooked portobello mushrooms on the gas stovetop with handpicked herbs from your great-grandparent’s garden. we sat around in the shade of the trees, letting life flow slowly, talking and laughing. the nights were warmer on the coast, sea-sounds filling our dreams.

the first night grey clouds gathered into a mess of dark, like a bruise in the sky and the rain came quickly. i took you into the safety of our tent and the boys secured our temporary homes as best they could. the wind was so fierce it pushed the wall of the tent over us, i screamed and your eyes went real wide. the rain flew around and fell so loudly. i breastfed you and in the loudest part of the storm you fell fast asleep. i wondered about the way a shower would sound to a little baby in a womb.

somehow we made it home in one exhausting day of driving. that earthy, sweet smell of home hit us and we all sank into our bed and slept until midday. how good it felt to be home, and to be a real family (like your mama and papa had always dreamed).

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  2. Nirrimi these photos are beautiful. My favourite is the shot of the girl reading the book with your lovely baby in her lap. There’s something so quiet and touching about it. You’ve captured a special moment.

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  3. these pictures are incredible. I can’t even put my finger on why I love them so much, but they are beautiful, I love the last one of the girl in the paint. Reminds me of my little sister.

  4. wow wonderful post and love the detail of the picture which lens you used to shoot all this picture mine favorite picture among all is woman on bed with low light shot

  5. The way you talk to Alba is filled with so much love, I hope one day I can have a life that makes me as happy as yours seems to make you. Alba is a beautiful child, shes so lucky to have so many people who love her. 🙂

  6. Hi, you probably get this question all the time, but I’d really love to know what camera / lenses you use when you take your ordinary life photos? The light is so amazing in all of them, and I really love your blog. Simply amazing

  7. I´m a reader from germany, I alway go all goose-pimply wehn reading your blog. I love it!

  8. I’m a new reader. I adore your blog, your photos, your stories, your family…everything! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  9. As always, your life and photos are beautiful! Congratulations on a happy and healthy baby girl! She is incredibly lucky. You and Alba by the dinosaur is one of my favourites. Sending love from Canada (soon to be Australia!)

  10. Would just like to say how much I enjoy reading your blog and marveling at your photos. I love your love for your lovely little family, Alba is possibly the most beautiful baby I’ve seen, you are so lucky. I want to have a little Alba one day, this is coming from the girl who once thought she never wanted a child. It all looks so wonderful and simple.

  11. Every time I read a post, my heart melts a little more. Your soul shines through every word you write. Your brave and courageous. You deserve the beautiful life you have created.

  12. So happy that you posting lately so much, I love your blog, it’s such a big inspiration and your live seems lovely so your blog is lovely too, stunning photographies and lovely words, that what makes your blog special, you’re special.
    Also compliment to the new header, well done!

  13. hello n, are you currently represented? who usually handles production for your campaign shoots?

  14. I have followed your blog for quite some time, and I cannot believe how much I want you life. The travelling, the way you see the world (it sounds like you see beauty everywhere), your job at such an early age and the love you have with matt and your beautiful little daughter. I think it’s so brave, and I wish I had the curage myself.

  15. I will be so sad when this week of midnight posts is over and your entries may not be as frequent. I have woken up early each morning just to read your new words and see your new, stunningly captivating photographs. My favourite in this group is the one of the little girl reading her book, while Alba naps, curled up in a blanket on her knee. It’s precious, so perfect. Thank you for always allowing us these glances into your lives, we cherish it. Alba will be so proud of her mama and papa when she is older. At only a few months, you have already detailed so many stories about her and her early adventures; I can only images how they will progress in the future. So lovely.

    All the best to you,

  16. i love how matt is holding alba in the second picture. any man who holds a baby like that is okay in my book! 🙂

  17. ooooh my goodness, mama! i love this post, so much. the photos are beautiful, especially the one peeking into the bedroom where all you can see are the children’s legs. soo much inspiration for photos and writing in one place. this is so well done (:

  18. in five or ten or fifteen years, when your little darling can read and understand this, she’s going to look up at you with tears in your eyes, and give you the biggest bear hug you can possibly imagine, and she’ll love you. she already does love you. fabulous post!
    -jocee <3

  19. I love to read the posts about your new life with you baby girl. You write beautifully, and the photos add a wonderful perspective. X

  20. Such beautiful photographs I can only hope to have a life as wonderful as yours and the ability to capture those moments as stunningly as you do. I always look forward to your posts they make me smile!

  21. I’m so impressed by your world, I admire you and now actually I know, that I’m not just ordinary girl/woman in consume world. I have a little lion in me. Because of you I realize it. Thank you for new, fresh light in my life.
    To you, your M and Alba I wish a lots of love, happiness and peace.


  22. These are beautiful. My favourite of your new posts (: I love the ‘real life’ quality of the images. Your life seems like such a dream. It’s such an inspiration, to know that once upon a time you had these dreams and now you’ve achieved them.

  23. Nirrimi, lovely as always. You’re way of articulating your thoughts on life in such a poetic manner through words and photographs never seize to enchant and amaze me. You inspire me everyday. Xxx Carolina Segre Høyer from Denmark.

  24. Amazing photos as always! Sommer, Bella and Freya are such beautiful girls. I’m sure Alba will grow up like them too 🙂

  25. These are absolutely amazing, nirrimi. I think I love these honest life pictures and words the most. Thank you for sharing. xxx

  26. Hi, we’re friends on Facebook. Really liked this blog and the photography is beautiful, really captures a lovely, peaceful time. Obviously this is for your child when she grows up. It’s a great idea and I just love your website. Keep up the good work 🙂

  27. I know it’s just for a short while you will be able to write daily, but right now it’s like a little ritual that I sit down at my desk in the morning to read your post and to look at all those beautiful photographed moments. It makes my day and leaves me smiling and dreaming of a life that would be like yours. Thank you! <3

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