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  3. This is a beautiful, intimate story. I feel like I am sharing this young lady instead of observing her performing for a camera. Wonderful job.

  4. btw, just looked through all of your blog posts here. you are genius! and yet so young! also read your "About" me on your portfolio. you are definitely making things happen, not to mention so naturally beautiful.

    from a fellow aussie, all the best in your promising career!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  5. you have talent! these photos are WONDERFUL!! amazing! beautiful!

    happened to stumble upon your blog, and i'm so happy i've done so! great inspiration!

    a new follower indeed!

    Come by for a visit or follow too?!

    X Your Only Blackswan

  6. WOW. that rose fits the whole hand.
    What a beauty to see your photography. I am inspired. Thank you



    ps; Please post more photos on flickr! x

  8. The light is just great. It look's very Australian and warm. I'm assuming you are in Australia?

  9. (you mentioned about finding someone who looked like a young brooke shields in twitter some time ago and now i totally believe you!)
    i hardly ever comment on your beautiful pictures because what i want to say will have already been said by many many others and it sort of feels unimportant and insignificant but i'll say it anyway, that you are an amazing amazing soul capturer (not just a photographer) because you not only take pictures, you capture souls and thats what makes you so special.

  10. oh Nirrimi, this is so beautiful

    Watching these makes me feel like in a romantic fairy tale 🙂

    Love everything!

  11. I looked trough almost all of your posts. You're so young and yet you're taking so beautiful and professional pictures! You're travelling so far and even working.. Being a professional photographer is my dream, but it's quite hard in the country I come from – I mean Poland. Anyway, I'm trying really hard not only with digital photography but also with the classic one. I very like your notes. You're the best proof for the sentence 'age ain't nothing but a number'. you seem to be so mature emotionally. I'd like to meet you someday.

    you're very inspiring.


  12. Wow i love the one where she's sitting on the ground in the red skirt, beautiful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. Oh Nirrimi, these are beautiful! These are the kind of photos I want to take! How do you make them look so natural?

    Do you have favourites? I like the second photo (it is magnificent!) 3, and 7 best, but they are all so gorgeous and dreamlike.

  14. Third to last photo is breathtaking! WOW! Would love that in a giant print on my wall. It's perfection!

  15. really, really lovely 🙂 I absolutely love the setting, the model, the clothing, and most of all, the colors! 🙂

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