strangers and friends

my father always told me that strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet. it’s a nice thought.

lately my camera (whose name happens to be max) has been keeping me company on my adventures. he hangs about my neck, whispering which memories i should keep alive. and mostly i’ve been brave enough to listen. to break through personal spaces. cross through the invisible lines.

it’s doing things like this that make you feel alive.

since moving to sydney on my own it’s been nice to not be so lonely. it’s been nice to feel like a photographer again and see like one. i spend a lot of time of buses, writing and listening to music. talking to strangers and smiling. i’ve been a gypsy, staying at a new home every week. life is inspiring me and i guess in many ways i am trying to do the same.

the above pictures are of a beautiful girl who walked down the aisle of the bus and caught my eye. i sat next to her and asked to take her picture and we talked for an hour. things i generally don’t talk about to others. we talked about running away and living in the middle of nowhere and just being. i want to do it someday soon. while i’m young and my mind is soft and easily influenced.

when i left the bus she told me her name and i realised who she was and it felt strange to have talked to someone i knew of for so long and not recognise them.

this is the boy i am currently staying with. his name is thomas rawle and looks creepily like a young mick jagger. he is one of those people you can’t help but feel special to know. he is unbelievably passionate and in love with music and sound. moreso than i am with photography. meeting people like him really change the way you see things. he is working on a soundtrack for a short film i am writing, directing and filming. it is going to be incredible. i think we’ll be friends for a long time.

i shot his band a few days ago, we just drove and walked around the city. i really like the kind of shoots i do where nothing is planned and things just happen. it has more essence. click here to listen to their sound (and then tell me they’re not going places).

this is a man i met whilst lost on the way to a bill henson exhbition, who was lost himself to the surburb he grew up in.

this is a girl i followed by the train station, who turned to smile too quickly for me to photograph her face.

this is a kind homeless man with a crown of hair, who held my hand in his and thanked me when i took his picture.

this is a beautiful boy i met at a party in an apartment in kings cross. he taught music to disabled people and i couldn’t think of anything more rewarding.

i promise to keep my camera around my neck if you promise to want me to.

love, n

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  3. Nirrimi, I love the way you write I love the way you take pictures, I love your view of the world. You are one of those amazing people. Never stop doing what you do, never stop being just who you are.
    Thank you for inspiring me, I hope to one day meet you on the bus, or walking down the street and to take your photo.

  4. your pictures are gorgeous. I hope one day to be inspiration as you are to many.

  5. Hey! Awesome blog you have! I like ur photos a lot, especially these ones, they are amazing!
    I have a question, what camera and lense do you use?

  6. you take the most beautiful portraits. Gosh, i am so inspired! keep up the good work lovely.

  7. you probably aren't going to read this, but just so you know, this is my favourite blog post you've ever written because it's so honest and unplanned. keep going, chicky, you're awesome.

  8. Your photography is absolutely incredible, especially because you are just someone who feels the need to just take photos, it is part pf who you are. You take pictures of what feels right, and you've been doing it for a long time. Your photos are so personal. You will be soooo successful, best of luck!

  9. your work is always stunning. you've been such an inspiration. i had never really thought about photography, until i saw your work. really, it's beautiful.

    never put your camera down. good luck with whatever you're going to do next:)

  10. hey, life is inspiring you, and look at all these sincere comments – you are inspiring life back ))

    thank you for this post; its subtlety and directness. it gives me the impulse to step over my own discomfort at approaching and photographing strangers in the street and elsewhere.

  11. This is a very touching post, and judging by the amount of responses you have received, many others agree. Don't put your camera down, you have inspired me to pick mine up again like I used to when first starting out. Have fun in Sydney.

  12. your pictures are really really great.
    i enjoyed reading what you wrote along with all the pictures too!

  13. I absolutely love your photographs.
    And your blog. It is stunning.
    You are a brilliant photographer 🙂
    Keep the camera around your neck, I definitely want you to!

    Ps. You have a new follower 🙂

  14. This is absolutely beautiful, says so much about people and how strangers really are just friends waiting to happen 🙂


    P.S. I went to Sydney literally this time last year, and spent alot of time away from my family, just walking round photographing, not necessarily people but things. Its such a beautiful place with beautiful people.

  15. I added you on facebook, add me back, I'd like to talk to you about future projects. By the way, I live in New York.. I can maybe help you find contacts here and you can help me in Australia.. I'd love to trade places with you. Check out my blog.. many updates coming in two weeks.

  16. this post is so inspiring nirrimi.
    i agree with what your father said. photographing strangers really takes people out of their comfort zone though, you have made it seem so easy.

  17. Coming across this for the first time was such a pleasure. I am just beginning to get into photography (having just bought a shiny new Nikon D3000) and I felt such a pull to your photos. There is something about them that is so raw, so bohemian and so spur of the moment. I adored them. Thank you!

  18. These are wonderful! I came across your blog a few days ago and am blow away by your photography! Anyway just wanted to say hi and good luck with all your future endeavours!

  19. i just came across your blog. these are AMAZING! please keep taking photos i want to see more more more!

  20. Nirrimi . .. . I can't remember if I have commented on this yet or if you get round to even reading all of these comments!!!

    But I daresay, not only do I follow your blog for your photography, but I adore the life you live. I crave for every word on this blog about the freedom you live. and how you are making your life.

    It is excellent.


  21. Hello. It's hard to express how I really feel about your pictures, but I 'll try. The first thing that comes to my mind is they're absolutely incredible. And I'd think my comment will get lost in the flood of othres, but you said that every comment makes you smile and that why I write these words.
    Thank you for the post. I think especially your photos of Thomas Rawle and his band are really good. I've listened to the song on their MySpace and I liked it 🙂
    Keep your camera around your neck. It's the right place. And keep writing in your posts – you inspire people.
    Thank you, again.

  22. I moved up to Sydney by myself from a small country town too just last year.

    Travelling on public transport, walking around the streets, and talking to so many different people from amazing walks of life, really opens your eyes and kinda gives you a sense of independance and freedom. I love it here.

    Your photos are beautiful. Yes keep Max hanging around!!

  23. wow. your photographs are actually divine! beautiful & inspiring, you make me want to go and meet strangers all over the world & make a small difference in their days.

    i loved this post, thank you,

    x x x

  24. keep'em coming nirrimi, we are all really enjoying it! how long are you sydney for? where is matt?

  25. I've always been tempted to take photos of people but too scared(like you were I guess from the start). Once I saw this Asian woman of early twenties with a silky scarf acting like a hood, a blazer and some baggy boyfriend jeans. Her beauty still lies in my head I wish I just took her photo. But this time when I go back into the City I won't let that happen. You meet such cool people it seems from what you've been doing. I absolutely love that girls ratty hair it's has a nice texture to it. I can't help but notice the cheek bones on all these people their amazing! That last photo is very intimate in it's closeness that I can't help but like it.

    May I ask. What lens did you use and camera? Seeing these photos makes me want to take night photos or walk the streets of the City searching for a stranger or my small town. 🙂
    p.s. this is assemblit from deviantart, you may not remember but I've asked you a couple questions over the years.

  26. You got on a bus and found Tallulah Morton! What kind of freakin' amazing bus are you catching?!

    Your talent is almost as overwhelming as your obvious love for what you do.

  27. amazing. you're writting and shooting are so inspiring. please keep max with you.

    love tallulah and all of these incredible people

  28. this is just amazing to read and to see. i love to read the story behind the photo's, very inspiring.

  29. I'm mezmerized by this. please keep sharing – you are using photography as a true paintbrush of human emotion. Thank you!

  30. wow.. great stories
    i was like.. no it can't be that she didn't recognize talullah
    but i suppose people just look different irl..
    the pics you took are lovely as well. i like the fact that they're not perfect

  31. this was the best blog post I've read in a long time. thank you for it. little stories to the pictures make them even more beautiful.

  32. Nirrimi, you are simply amazing! This post makes me want to get out into the world and do something. Anything. I don't know what and I know it doesn't matter. This is such an inspiring post and yes, keep that camera around your neck!

    All the best,
    Kate x

  33. at first I thought the girl in the second picture was tallulah morton! haha
    I'm amazed by your photography! So inspiring to me! I also love taking pictures! Hope you can check out my blog:)

  34. i WANT you to. these are seriously creative, different, and inspiring. i bet its making you a better photographer along the way too!

  35. this was so wonderful to read through and the pictures were lovely too. I feel like I'm going through a similar time in my life, but just not as extreme (by this I mean I still live at home and I haven't gotten the courage to talk to as many strangers, though I've started talking to a few on the train to/from NYC and in NYC, which has proved very interesting every time).

    thank you for constantly inspiring me and opening up new ways to look at or go about life. this is the kind of thing I thirst for, and the best part is, I get more and more of it the more I let loose and talk to strangers, etc. so thank you for inspiring a lot of what led to so much richness in my life 🙂

  36. How incredible your post is! I agree with your dad about strangers. Lately, I've been completing a project for one of my photography classes. I go around New York asking people for portrait shots. It's daunting but the project is teaching me as much about myself as it is about portraiture. Keep up your wonderful work. It is truly truly inspiring.

  37. Wow, this post was really beautiful. I wish I had more courage to photograph/talk to strangers. I'm really awkward with that.

    Keep up the great work 😀

  38. you are incredible, just incredible. this has to be one of the most heart-warming and mind-filling things i have ever read/seen. you are a true artist and a wonderful person.

  39. I love this! You pretty much had the guts to do what I've always wanted to, just walk up to someone, ask for their picture and start an almost friendship from there. Truly inspiring, keep up the good work, lady! 😀

  40. i love these. i love these even more than your fashion work which i love a ridiculous amount.
    please, please, please keep you camera round your neck 🙂

  41. You are such an inspiring photojournalist as well. Please don't put that camera down. Would really, honestly, truly love to see more from you!


  42. wow nirrimi, these are so beautiful! stunning beyond words! inspiring as always! and yes please keep ypur camera with you! xxx

  43. Oh Nirrimi, this is just one of the amazing posts ever!! The reality of these people, the strongness of their eyes, the Background with that kind of light, makes me feel the music of these people. Because I think we all have a kind of music. You are really the best photographer I know, you truly are. You are always bringin new stuff, you are going so far with the pictures. I love your Art so much! thank you for everything!
    I'd love to see more for your works 🙂

    take care

  44. Nirrimi, this post kind of makes my day, both text and your awsome, beautiful, touching photos. You inspire immensely!

  45. Nirrimi it must be such a joy to look at the world with your eyes. Don't stop. Keep shooting, writing and being yourself. You're a big inspiration. x

  46. Thank you, this is beautiful 🙂
    I think everyone from time to time, thinks of leaving everything behind to a place where they can just be.

  47. you are in inspiring, and i am unbelievably jealous of your current life style. never stop. xx

  48. What an inspiring post and such amazing people you meet. Never ever put your camera down!

  49. wow! I'd love to bump into you sometime! I'm in Sydney so maybe we will one day. My friend and I find random far away places on the train map like Fairy Meadow and Zigzag and spend a day there every now and then.

  50. Your life sounds amazing and so fresh. Don't every put that camera down, I love how different a world can look through a lens and thanks for portraying your world to us! Reading this was very inspiring! "While my minds still soft".. beautiful words

  51. Wow, this is very touching series of photos! Your write beautifully! Your photos are…. I don't have words… Very captivating, beautiful, poetic,intense, inspiring! Keep on doing this for as long as you can!

  52. So inpiring! This is exactly how I wish my life was, wandering and exploring and taking pictures of interesting and beautiful people.

    Reading this made me feel so happy and light, and I hope you never ever put down your camera.

    Your photos make me want to live my life a bit differently … I hope someday I can live in a house with pictures everywhere, and remember a story to each one, like you did in this post – thanks for constant inspiration.

  53. nirrimi nirrimi don't ever put that camera down. reading that was such a joy. so real. i can't wait to see more from where your life is headed. your photos make me stop and take in the life around me. after all life is what is happening while we're all trying to get somewhere. we should all stop and see all the beautiful things that already are.

  54. i love the black and white one of your musician friend and the ones of the homeless man a lot.

  55. These are wonderful, Nirrimi! They seem more spontaneous, more emotive than usual. I'm excited to see which direction you take next 🙂

    How long are you in Sydney for, btw? I'd love to meet up, you seem like a wonderful person to meet.

  56. nirrimi this was such a pleasure to read and look at. what i love is that none of your photos are static. there's something crisp and refreshing in each one. its beauty and life that you really cant write about, only capture, and you have done that so well.

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