this year i am thankful for love, opportunities, my camera and the kindness of strangers. i am so thankful sometimes i smile outloud and as hard and long as you might try you could not break my spirit.

for my first thanksgiving i was flown across the country (from fast-breathing new york city) to san francisco, to spend the day with zelda’s family (thanks dearly to the kindness of her beautiful mother). i stayed in their castle of a home, on a cliff over water. in the sun-hazed distance you could see the san francisco bridge, like a tiny magnet in the sky. i looked at it through the glass and thought (as i often do) that this is something i could never have imagined happening to me.

their home was so filled with art i felt like i was wandering through a gallery. a museum of an extravagant life i couldn’t relate to. a secret world you needed a key for.

thanksgiving day was being prepared days before. chefs filling the kitchen and men and boys lifting furniture here and there, moving boxes, setting up tents. i knew something fantastic was being created and when it all came together it was like magic. there were psychics, a famous magician, a photobooth, champagne glasses that never emptied, waiters wandering with plates of beautiful foods and the hubbub of blissful children running wild under our feet. as always i watched it all through my camera.

thanks to cheesy american films i spent the night imagining that when it came to dinner we’d announce the things we were most thankful for. even though it never happened, in my head i heard myself say ‘most of all, and as cliche as it may be, i am thankful for life and the lives of those around me.’ and that means you too, dear readers. you give me a reason to photograph everyday. i have so much loyalty for you and without your love for this blog it would not exist and i would one day forget the little details.

black and white action by my lover

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  2. jesus christ, i have come across a lot of blogs and portfolios but none are like yours. you are a crack load of inspiration and as soon as i entered your portfolio i knew you were going to be my new favorite photographer

  3. Thank YOU for sharing your beautiful images and words Nirrimi! I do not write comments very often (even if I follow you since I watched your gallery on DA, I think you were 15) because I'm shy even on the internet, but, you know, it make me smile everytime I see you posted something new. You're so talented!

    Happy new year, i wish you all the best

  4. Brilliant snapshots, Nirrimi.
    Once again, I love your style of writing. You make every notable moment sound so magical and surreal – and you really succeed at putting us in your shoes for that special moment in time.

    Lovely post Nirrimi, and Happy New Year to ALL!

  5. You are so incredible and mind-blowing and totally fantastically inspiring. I stand in awe and watch you create magic with pictures and words. Happy new year, star child.

  6. Fantastic set. Correct me if I am wrong but the 9th picture is an artists impression of one of your earlier photographic pieces??

  7. I love how you can bring out the beauty of the simplest things 🙂
    I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas 🙂
    Can't wait to see where 2011 will bring you!

  8. The way you write is just beautiful. I can
    imagine you telling your kids and grandkids
    all these beautiful stories. They will be
    so lucky. I'm thankful for your passion and
    blog because without it, I (and many others)
    would never be able to enjoy your fantastic

    I love black and white photos and yours are,
    of course, absolutely stunning.

  9. Beautiful photos! I am in love with your blog. Have been backlogging for a good 30 mins now!! ☑
    Happy new year!

  10. wonderful post and beautiful photos. once more i am surprised of how great you are in turning simple moments into something everlasting…

  11. I want to say this about pretty much each and every one of your posts, but these are just lovely! The passion for enjoying life and REALLY living that you show through your blog is something that I truly admire! 🙂

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