the day i ran away and stole the boy of my dreams

above was taken the night we watched stars from matt’s fathers backyard. it was the beginning of us. and even though i was staring up at the neverending universe, i still felt like we were the biggest things in the whole world.

soon i’ll blog about the first times i ran away to here.

24 love notes

  1. I was just about to push SEND on an e-mail to you! And then I saw this post! And I thought to myself, this place looks familiar…BECAUSE I LIVE HERE! Wonderful.

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  4. wow, this picture really hit home for me. this is possibly the exact same moment i shared with my boyfriend, the first night we really started to like eachother, we slept on his roof and watched the stars all night. one of the most peaceful moments of my short lived life.

  5. why you didnt published session from your header?
    it's beautiful and can i might see more ? pleas!

  6. i love how simple this photo is, yet how it tells a story…

    on a different note, I watched the Russell James story on ABC last night about how he got into photography etc.. Made me think that it would be really interesting to find out about your experiences as an aspiring photographer.. You did that Oyster shoot recently right? Would love love to see a post on how it all happened, like how you got the gig and how it went on the day. I dont know if you have a team or an assistant but i always wonder how a budding photographer pulls off their first shoot while not necessarily having the best equipment and a hurd of people helping out. Hopefully other readers would find that interesting too…

  7. I'm going to show you love: This is treasure. I'm so so so thankful you have a blog. I can't wait to your next post.

  8. we have so much in common.
    stargazing, lying in the field – I have been doing same things last summer, but only with my girl friends. this time – i will do it with my love.

  9. Thank you Nirrimi for sharing us all this beautiful things. I can't wait to the rest of the magical story!!
    Take care

  10. this is lovely.

    and i don't mean to be anti-climax, but aren't there ants in those kind of grass? :/

  11. It's things like this that you can't plan and expect to be amazing. They just happen on their own, and you're lucky if you have a camera with you. Can't wait to read more.

  12. i cant wait to here the rest of the story.
    im hoping i can relate, becuase im thinking of running away…

    you are an inspiration.
    never stop posting please 🙂

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