two dollar film


some of the very few film pictures i’ve ever taken.

townsville and my cousin in a tent on our veranda.

taken with an old disposable camera from a second-hand

store and cheap, expired film. i miss home.


3 love notes

  1. It’s wonderful to see how you’ve come from writing nothing to writing so incredibly in your posts. I was surprised to see that some of your first posts were just made of pictures, because the thing that draws me to your blog most are your words. I smiled when I saw your thoughts in this post, it made me think of how hesitant I used to be to write myself. I found The Road Is Home soon after I found the courage to start blogging, and now I come back here whenever I feel uninspired or stuck. You have been such a support to me without even knowing me.

    Thank you and sending you lots of good wishes from Bournemouth! 🙂

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