We Will – A short film about love


‘We Will’ is a little film about two women falling for each other and the highs and lows that accompany the wonderful madness that is love.

It is still illegal for same-sex couples to get married in Australia. Let’s share relatable portrayals of love and help to normalise something that should already be normal.

Directed by: Laura Nagy 

Written by: Nirrimi Firebrace, Samuel Leighton-Dore & Laura Nagy

Actors: Bianca Bradey + Madeleine Withington

Cinematography: Emma Paine // Editing: Nicholas Lever // Still Photography: Samantha Heather // Sound Design: Jay Daly // Song: “Stones” by Bec Sandridge // Production Designers: Nicholas J Ford & Ash Bell // Styling: Julia Rose // Title Designer: Natasha Saba // Camera Assistant: Jac Norton // Bridal Dresses: Kelsey Genna // Stage: Holler & Haul 


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  1. A beautiful film and an inspiring message. Well done to yourself and the production team on a gorgeous piece of cinematography. The more we can show our support and draw a firm line in the sand, the sooner action can be taken in Australia and other countries.

  2. This is our love and our Melbourne!! Thanks for the truly positive and genuine message you’ve created. 
    Bel and Em

  3. This video really made me re-think love. Thank you for this piece of art!
    I find love to weaken me but strengthen me as well. I still don’t know how love works and I’d probably never fully understand. But I do know that experiencing it is very much worth living.

  4. This is so lovely! Such an important message – if Ireland can change the law by popular vote Australia can surely do it too! It was such a lovely powerful time in our country when the vote went through – more than worth all the horrible attitudes and viewpoints it exposed during the course of the debate to know that LOVE WINS. 

  5. This is so absolutely beautiful and not just in an artistic sense, but in its truth and vulnerability. This is such a vital and important message. Thank you so much for sharing. Do you mind if I share this on my website?   

  6. This film is so breathtakingly beautiful! I got goosebumps in the middle of the film and it didn’t leave. 
    There’s so much warmth and love in this film. It got such a strong voice and I really, really love how love comes to life in this piece of art.

    You leave me speechless..

  7. This reminds me of my own wedding, two years ago. Here in Norway same-sex marriage is allowed, and my wife and I even got married in the church. I believe movies like this is so important, but no matter the message; the story and the filming is so beautiful!!

  8. Movies like this are extremely necessary! I can’t believe same-sex marriage is not legal in your lovely country, come on Australians 😀 make it happen!

    xx B

  9. Recently, the country where I live (Brazil) won the opportunity of same-sex couple marriages. And I hope that all people begin to see choices like that with their hearts. Congratulations for the initiative! Love to all of you!

  10. This made me cry happy tears. My wife & I were married this year & are celebrating with a wedding in 2016. We are in the US & there was much joy in knowing we can be married. I have been to Australia, and I shall be back with my wife as it is one of my most favorite places on this planet. We support all those fighting for the simple right to be married to the person they love. Thank you for this. Hugs

  11. Nirrimi, i’ve followed your blog almost since you first started writing, you’ve touched my heart so much through the years with your writing and pictures, no matter what book I read, I keep thinking it’s not as good as Nirrimi’s writings and I keep going back to your blog to see more, but today I got to see this film and i’ve watched it countless times now and it makes me cry each time. It’s just so beautifully done. So precious. This film is so relatable to me and makes me feel so hopeful. Thanks for sharing yet another spark of magic!

  12. nirrimi this is incredible, I’m speechless. It’s so beautiful and the message is so strong. And the filming is just perfect. ❤️ powerful women speaking powerful messages. This is what our world needs.

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