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  3. my most faourite shoot of yours yet nirimi. you are an inspiration i cant believe your age and your doing so well getting out there.. opportunities flying your way. im glad you will not stop shooting and blogging here coz i love seeing your new works pop up. all the best! 🙂 caroline

  4. Yep, it's wonderfull. I love this one.
    I want to know, where are you bying the "swimsuit" (i'm french, so sorry for my bad english)


  5. wow you do the most beautiful photography! i am in love with these shots in particular, wonderful stuff
    im following you know, hope you wont mind if i post a few of your pictures (i will link them to your blog), let me know if you have any objections!
    you have a real talent keep it up!

  6. i couldn't pick which post to write a comment on.

    i absolutely love this one, its so tranquil but kind of dark at the same time.

    S + A

  7. the photos are amazing as always lovely.

    you can make a gray day look beautiful. and i absolutely love how the letters click together!

  8. You just can't imagine how much your pictures talk to me.
    They are so fantastic, this is pure beauty.
    I love it.

    I create some things too, but no stunning as you are doing.

  9. i don't know what is it..your photos are cool really cool.
    they are simple, but something turns inside of me when i look at them
    you might not believe but there's something magical. i don't know what is it, but its true

  10. impressive….just impressive….was it raining? wow….So powerful, so strong. You know, the last two shooting are something different compared to your usual style. And I love the fact you are doing something like this. I don't know what it is, but it is something different. I like it, and I like seeing your pictures. you are like a magician! You know?!

    Take care

  11. Okay, maybe this is my favourite shoot of yours. These are so stunning, and beyond beautiful … what is a word that means more than beautiful?

    Magical, and like an amazing dream. So much talent, and this model is amazing. Good models are so hard to find. I love your work so much (but you know that)!!

  12. Outstanding work!!! If you need my vote count on it… let me know where to vote!! 😉

  13. beautiful, I love the swimming suit and red lipstick is definitely a must-have.

  14. these are so inspiring. you are so inspiring, good luck with the competition 🙂 i have a good feeling about it for you!

  15. Yeah! 7500 votes! 🙂 You are amazing. These pictures speak for themselves. You are going to win this competition and you are going to move to NYC!

    lots of love,
    alexis (I'm the one who wrote in your fb too! haha)

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