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  3. You are the first photography-blogger who REALLY inspirate me! I love the pictures. Really fascinating (And I mean it!!) I definitely gonna follow you.

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  4. brilliant photos!
    i love the red head, though i think i might just be a little biased 😀 x

  5. im with everyone else. love this. HI zac! i just started following your tremedous tumblr and its fabulousx yes'um!

  6. Oh Nirrimi…oh..I don't know what to say..this is to much. To much beautiful, to much powerful! To much stunning.

    You are amazing, you are the best photographer I know.

    Is it George in the middle???? ^^

  7. New pictures! I've been so deprived!
    These are so stunning and interesting, like
    all your pictures.
    2, 4, 7, and 9 are my absolute favourites … and like Lara said, what lense do you use?

  8. Like "Lamahkun" says . .. . you do capture the essence of youth SO WELL. Love this fascination with redheads in your works. . .

  9. Love how you capture the essence of youth! Again, an amazing job. You never fail to amaze me with your works.

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